Slightly cold weather calls for split pea soup

15 Nov

You know, I’ve been waiting for it to get a little colder here, so I can feel nice and cozy in the kitchen with some cornbread in the oven. I make cornbread at least once a week when it’s cold. We missed it over the summer. I’m trying to hone my biscuit making skills as well, so we can add those to the weekly menu.

We found this kids cookbook by Tina Davis at Half Price Books a couple of years ago, in Ohio. The split pea soup is one of my favorites, and it’s easy to add some ham. I’ve been cooking for about 5 1/2 years now, and just starting to figure out what the husband really likes. He’s into meat. I can’t blame him. I am finding that it is pretty easy to add stew meat to most any soup recipe. We didn’t add meat to the soup today, but it was totally good anyway.

I start craving chocolate and pudding when the weather gets colder, as well. I like my pudding warm, so maybe that’s why. I usually follow a recipe on Simply Recipes for chocolate pudding, but tried this one in Tina Davis’ book today. It’s totally good, and faster as it doesn’t call for tempering the eggs. Faster equals better in my book these days, so there you go! I used almond milk instead of cow’s milk, and I do like using more cocoa rather than chocolate chips, so I wrote in the amounts from the other recipe. I am thinking it would also be super tasty with a chopped up Valrhona chocolate bar in place of the chocolate chips.

Today was also my first time making conchee, and although I think this is a fairly Americanized version, it was yum. I chopped up an acorn squash and the onion in the morning and let it cook while I took Sue to the dentist, so I could have some for lunch when I got home. Of course I had to look up some other conchee recipes, and I know I’ll be making more in the near future.

Another good cold-day meal.


Book Shelves, mostly read.

25 Oct

I took a look at my bookshelf today. It’s really full. I’ve mostly read all those books on the bottom shelf, and all the books BEHIND the books. I’ve read those too. Mostly. Some of the top shelf I have read too, like Barbara Kingsolver, and “Teach Your Own”, and “All Art is Propaganda”. I read that on the beach last year. Orwell and the beach definitely mix well together, although I’m not sure how. But that middle shelf! It’s mostly unread. Time to get crackin.

I know some folks make a habit of reading at least one chapter a day. If I get really into a book, I have to say to myself “ONLY one chapter a day”, do you feel me? Otherwise I feel like a sloth of some sort, while I sit around compulsively reading. But let’s be honest, that’s the best kind of reading there is. The last book I compulsively read was “The Mare” by Mary Gaitskill, and just before that it was “The Bone People” by Keri Hulme. That last one was especially compulsive (my synonym for “excellent”).



Lately I’ve been involved in my college copy of “Bystander: Street Photography”. It’s fun to finally crack it open to read it, rather than just to look at the images, and skim some of the info. I’ve rekindled my love for Cartier-Bresson, and Kertesz. I am also in the middle of Anne Dillard’s “American Childhood”, and I’ve been looking to start either “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men”, or Barthes.

But what I really want is a juicy novel, because there’s nothing like losing yourself in good fiction. The ultimate escape-adventure.


6 Oct

Homemade (vegan) Key Lime Pie Ice Cream!

img_2795 2016-09-17-14-42-02

Jack in the grass!

Homemade (vegan) Cherry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream!

2016-09-25-13-45-48 2016-09-21-15-11-47

P I E S !

Street Photography and Barthes…

2016-09-18-15-21-33 2016-09-30-18-36-08

Homemade pizza & crust (not vegan) = VERY YUM

Charlotte – All Lives Matter when Black Lives Matter

27 Sep

Monday, September 26th, 2016- Protesting in uptown Charlotte




We went to the Charlotte City Council meeting but didn’t stay too long. Heading over to Little Rock AME Zion Church on 7th, we started the march from there, with members of NAACP leading the way. We marched for a few blocks until the policemen started blocking the road. My friend and I peeled off then as we were not prepared to be arrested.

When it’s past my bedtime and I’m still awake

29 Jul

It’s past my bedtime, but I’m still awake. Both kids are in bed, and… asleep. I have a baby who is still waking up several times at night, and I’ve been good. I’ve been so good these past 6 months, of going to bed when he goes to bed. Or at least, shortly after he goes to bed. Lately though, I have been staying awake later.

I’ve been doing things like reading. Talking to my husband. Writing. And yes, Facebook-ing. You see, daytimes are fully scheduled events, fully busy, and fully full of kids. I have 2 babysitting charges that come each day, plus my daughter, and then the baby. I’m staying up later at night because I want to feel like an autonomous adult again, if just for a short time. I want to have a few moments TO MYSELF.

If you have kids, then I am preaching to the choir. You know exactly what I am talking about. I am sure you do it too, and stay up too late after the kids are asleep, and just to feel normal again, somehow. It’s funny how that works. Or is it?


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