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But then

12 Jan

“But then our babies came along, and yes, they changed everything. They changed the way we spend our time, of course. We saw that one coming. But the sheer pressure of their presence did something we didn’t expect; it challenged and, in important ways, debunked the premise of our story. As with everyone who procreates, we discovered that who and what you are prior to parenthood by no means guarantees what kind of father or mother you’ll be. In a way , fathers and mothers are like soldiers: No matter how well prepared, there’s no telling whether they’re fighters or fleers until the bullets start flying.”

Andrew Corsello in the essay “Debunking the Myth of the Angel and The Goon”


Here’s a poem by Lisel Mueller that celebrates mystery.

3 Jan

American Life in Poetry: Column 354


A wise friend told me that since the Age of Reason we’ve felt we had to explain everything, and that as a result we’ve forgotten the value of mystery. Here’s a poem by Lisel Mueller that celebrates mystery. Mueller is a Pulitzer Prize winning poet from Illinois.


Sometimes, When the Light

Sometimes, when the light strikes at odd angles
and pulls you back into childhood

and you are passing a crumbling mansion
completely hidden behind old willows

or an empty convent guarded by hemlocks
and giant firs standing hip to hip,

you know again that behind that wall,
under the uncut hair of the willows

something secret is going on,
so marvelous and dangerous

that if you crawled through and saw,
you would die, or be happy forever.

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