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Book crazy

20 Sep

We’re certified book crazy over here. We often have book breaks through-out the day with Sue. We drove 45 minutes to Salisbury to visit a bookstore, and stayed there over 4 hours (without Sue). We visit bookstores in town for our date night. We broke a shelf recently because it was stacked with too many books. We compulsively buy books all the time. We read short stories out loud for family nights. Ross has at least three books on him at all times. And this is all quite great in my professional book loving opinion.

Ross is reading ridiculous books like “Don Quixote”, and “The Capital” by Karl Marx. I get most excited to find books for Sue, although I just happened upon a Josephine Tey mystery that I am loving.

We found “Madeline”! Sue had only seen the cartoon so far (which she LOVES). When I read her the book, she was intrigued, and then brought it over to the TV as she has seen the cartoon version of “Madeline and the Bad Hat” a number of times

a book with a Gila Monster, had to get it

I LOVE this book, I mean how CUTE is this? I should have taken some photos of the inside… Sophie takes a walk, and cries a little when she’s mad… SO CUTE


Not quite as good as it looks, but worth the purchase. This one I found at Book Buyers Bookstore, and I found the Science version at Goodwill a few weeks later.

“EATS, SHOOTS & LEAVES”, for when she’s older

Another AWESOME find at Goodwill

I love Karen Katz’s books. So pretty

Her bookshelf

Her other bookshelf, and the daily state of the shelf

For-when-she’s-older shelf (some of those books are from my childhood)

I found this great sewing book. Perhaps more of a looker than a reader, although there are plenty of instructions

I love this cover and this book. I want to post a blog on favorite book covers, as inspired by this cover

all our shelves


County Fair

11 Sep

The weather was really fricking beautiful yesterday and we went to the Cabarrus County Fair

pretty sure I loved the merry-go-round more than Sue

the Fire Ball. They wouldn’t let Sue on it, I have no idea why

These games are rigged!!

I wish this was the urban landscape everyday









overdue, Mc-Wilbanks Fest in Kentucky this last June

5 Sep

I guess now would be a good time to post pictures of our time in Kentucky this last June.


It turns out the babies love grandpa and he loves them too


Jessica and baby Agnes, just a few weeks old




He’s probably saying NO

Matching outfits by Grandma Kelley

“Yeah no sorry Cormac, you have to be in this picture.”

Look at that frickin cute tshirt

Kissing. This is really sweet, because you know, they’re brother and sister and they have to live with each other and stuff

Going in for kissing cousins!


Pretending I have two kids. For two seconds.

Where’s My Shirt?! it’s missing now…

Bucket Head Cormac


Yeah, that’s right


oh Alphabet yeah!

3 Sep

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