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Making lists

30 May

There seem to be two types of people in the world.

Type 1 are those who make lists, and Type 2 are those who most certainly do not make lists. I became a Type 1 list person in college. Well, I probably became one in high school, but I remember it mostly in college. I remember searching for the perfect daily planner, spending time making my list of way-to-many-things-to-do, and then, of course, putting a single satisfactory line through each item on the list that I “did”. So then I graduated college and quit working at a non-profit and my list making got more sane. Then I got a laptop and moved to New York and my list making became virtual and much smaller. My life was beautifully pared down in New York. I had my days filled with basic things that didn’t need list making, such as: find a job, work, ride bike, drink beer, make friends, ride subway, drink beer, read a book, work, ride bike, drink beer, etc., etc.

Here is one of my favorite lists of all time:

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 9.22.24 PM

Then one day, I remember meeting Ross and looking at his daily calendar. He said, if he can’t fit what he has to do within the box on his calendar then he’s trying to do to much in one day….. . . Whaaa…? Whoa.. What a novel idea. I never… never… I thought you were just supposed to write smaller to fit it all in.

So then I married this novel Ross. My concept of time changed, life in Charlotte was way different. No lists for a long time. I did things, but I didn’t have a need for lists. It was nice. Pleasant even. But I do like making a list, you know. Here’s what a list of mine looks like these days:

  • steep herbs
  • kefir
  • research: kombucha
  • find babysitter
  • email Kate/Cristie/Bo
  • put lawnmower in car
  • Dentist

These days, I make my list at work when I am standing at my cash register, waiting for customers to come over. Nookie laughs at me, because I’m always making a list. But sometimes I get overwhelmed with list-making because I don’t get it all done. So today I made a wish-list, for sewing. Projects that I want to do, but a wish-list is not for keeping because some of those items won’t get crossed off for years. That’s okay though. My wish-list for sewing looked like this:

  • bathmat
  • slippers-Molly
  • Sue pants
  • Sue dress
  • Molly dress
  • food bags
  • undies!

That list could be way longer but I’m trying to be realistic here.


A few of my favorite blogs

20 May

These are a few of my favorite blogs. Blogs that I visit over and over and learn lots of things from:

Hana introduced me to Angry Chicken, and she is my most favorite blogger. I get a lot of inspiration from her. I love it that she has kids, is so talented and cool, and that she sews, not to mention all the other things she does… She also home schools, and from reading her blog, it looks  like she is “un-schooling” her kids (where you let the kids guide what they want to learn). How could I not like her?? At first, when I was reading her blog (yes, I’ve read every post), I thought, “Who is this crazy lady? How does she do all that she does?? I HATE HER!” But that didn’t last long, and I realized that I LOVE HER. Everything about her and her blog rocks. If you’re into the crafty world at all, you will have heard of her, no doubt. Her name is Amy Karol and she is my craft Guru. I go surf her blog when I need guidance. Last year I made the “artsy clutch” and the coasters from her book, as well as the baby bibs which I send to people who have babies.

blog2 blog1

A sewing & craft blog by Dana Willard, this one is great for Sue ideas. I wish there were fewer pictures, but hey, her kids are cute, her clothes are pretty great, and she has very detailed tutorials. That’s an A+ times 3. I made a felty garland banner for Sue’s birthday, and a ruffle skirt too. There are many more that I want to do, such as the circle skirt for a newborn. I also got one of her books for Christmas, and once again I wonder, with three kids, How Does She Do It All!?

suebday 001

Very Purple Person is my last post about a sewing blog, and whoa-man, what is not to love about Novita! She’s so chic! She makes her own lingerie! She has a plush cockroach tutorial! I have no intention of making it, but still!! I did make her Reversible Bag Pattern which I highly recommend as it is very easy, and very cool to have. It’s a great size, and it’s reversible, y’all. I made mine from a chevron fabric that Ali so nicely gave me. On one side the stripes are horizontal while the other side has vertical stripes. I don’t reverse it at all, but that’s okay. I love it and plan to make another soon. I am also excited to see that verypurpleperson has a new tutorial up for making your own undies. It’s on my top-3 to-make list!


This is not technically a blog, although they do have a blog. BUT I HAD TO INCLUDE IT BECAUSE I LOVE IT. Visit this site especially if you have children and like to print things and cut them and then enjoy them. I glued these guys up over the holidays and they were enjoyed by all. Enough said.

When I stay up late and read on the Internet, I often am reading this blog by Tom Stafford and Matt Webb. I don’t remember how I found it. There is some really wonderful and thoughtful information on this site, and it makes for smart and pertinent scientific reading. A recent blog post on “..Genetic Challenges to Psychiatric Diagnosis” made me happy. It shined a light on my belief that  my diagnosis is not just due to errant chemicals in my brain. I have always suspected that there is more complexity within.

Katie is my new healthy DIY’er Guru. I have so many of her recipes printed out to make. I just got beeswax and cocoa butter in the mail to make the Healing Salve recipe, and of course, to make some chocolate.

This woman definitely tops the list of How Does She Do It All because, ahem, she has 5 kids. And she makes all her own home care products. All of them.. like even lotion and shampoo. And she home schools. And she’s a doula… WOW. wow. Oh wait, WAIT, this is how she does it all!  I am reading this post and taking notes, RIGHT NOW, as I blog… Not a bad person to try and emulate, right? I made this soup the other night and it was pretty good, although I will be adding more curry and ginger next time, and maybe less carrots; and perhaps some more sweet potatoes.


Mother’s Day and such

13 May

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

mom's day pancakes 002

And Happy Mother’s Day to my Mommy too!

I decided last minute to make pancakes and I also decided to have Sue help me. She has been helping me a bit in the kitchen already, pouring water for the beans or stirring a pot. Sometimes she takes her plate or some silverware to the table. Her favorite kitchen job is still the eating part. Cooking with a two-year old is a special experience… she only ate a tiny bit of raw egg before I caught her, and Ross said he would eat the coconut oil with raw egg in it rather than throw it out. So now we have a jar of coconut oil in the fridge that says, “raw egg, no Sue”. But overall, we had a good time and Sue loved helping. The gluten free pancakes (Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Flour mix) were more like crepes, but they were delicious. I’ll have to attempt gluten free waffles next year because waffles are so perfect for Mother’s Day.

If you have observed the strange gray box on Sue, then you may have guessed that Sue was nekked for this picture. We have officially started potty training- WOO! However, you may not have guessed that my computer broke several months ago, and with it has gone my ability to edit photos properly! I’m working on fixing that problem, but for now, a squiggly gray box.

My Garden

11 May

ImageWell, here’s my first ever garden y’all.  Last year I had some tomato plants, and over the fall I planted some kale and collards, but I am officially stating that this is my first ever garden. WOO! Born and bred desert rat has learned how to plant food, finally. I’ve been really excited about planting this spring actually. It’s been almost aggravating because every time I leave my house, I see a new “plant sale”, and I have to remind myself that we are only renting right now, and that there’s always next season.

I started out pretty small, because I’m only planting in pots. I hope to have some raised beds for the fall. For now I have about 9 tomato plants, 9 pickling cucumber bushes, 3 red bell pepper plants, and then all my herbs. Oregano, basil, sage, bee balm, lemon balm, parsley, and then the chives, savory, and thyme that Lisa and Sam gifted us for Christmas. Most delicious. I have a lavender plant patiently waiting for a bigger pot. I also have some sunflowers sprouting up; Sue got them for Easter.

We’ll see how the harvest turns out. I think my tomatoes would be happier with bigger pots and more soil, but this is all I have for now. I’ll try and pickle my cucumbers, and we’ve been eating our herbs already. YUM y’all. YUM.

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