Mother’s Day and such

13 May

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

mom's day pancakes 002

And Happy Mother’s Day to my Mommy too!

I decided last minute to make pancakes and I also decided to have Sue help me. She has been helping me a bit in the kitchen already, pouring water for the beans or stirring a pot. Sometimes she takes her plate or some silverware to the table. Her favorite kitchen job is still the eating part. Cooking with a two-year old is a special experience… she only ate a tiny bit of raw egg before I caught her, and Ross said he would eat the coconut oil with raw egg in it rather than throw it out. So now we have a jar of coconut oil in the fridge that says, “raw egg, no Sue”. But overall, we had a good time and Sue loved helping. The gluten free pancakes (Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Flour mix) were more like crepes, but they were delicious. I’ll have to attempt gluten free waffles next year because waffles are so perfect for Mother’s Day.

If you have observed the strange gray box on Sue, then you may have guessed that Sue was nekked for this picture. We have officially started potty training- WOO! However, you may not have guessed that my computer broke several months ago, and with it has gone my ability to edit photos properly! I’m working on fixing that problem, but for now, a squiggly gray box.


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