Eco-Friendly Crafting with Kids, the book

3 Aug


I love this book! It’s time you know, I am obsessed with kid crafts. In that way that many people get obsessed with food, and read cook books for fun, I read craft books (& craft blogs) for fun. Free time doesn’t exist in the quantities I would like, which is probably a good thing, or my house would be filled with… crafts. While I love crafts in general, I especially love kids crafts because they can be so simple and wonderful at the same time. Kids don’t mind playing with cardboard! Playing is important for kids (and adults too, am I right?), and so much fun too, and so there is no reason to feel silly about going wacky on kid crafting.

While there are some excellent kid craft blogs online (Mr Printables), it’s way better to have books. You can just go to your shelf (or perhaps the ground, where they are all stacked right now) at any ol’ time and cruise through, rather than having to sit, sort through tons of info, and stare at a screen, and then either print off instructions, or hand write them, or whatever. BOOKS RULE. I look forward to when Sue is older and can pick out her own projects to work on. I have started collecting crafty books, but more on that later.


Eco-Friendly Crafting with Kids by Kate Lilley is a particular favorite of mine. It is aimed towards pre-schoolers, but there are projects for older kids too. The layout and photos in the book are nicely modern and inviting. She has great instructions and has some pretty simple crafts to make, such as the Catapult Plane, Paper Cup Popper,  and the All-in-One Bongo, Shaker & Guiro, all of which we have already made. My husband plays with the Paper Cup Popper more than my two-year old does. Kate Lilley also includes some basic crafts that all kids should make at some point such as, make your own play dough, and cardboard castles. Kate Lilley also has her own blog. Beware.



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