The heat is viscous

8 Sep

The heat is viscous, you can touch it if you try. I take a moment to appreciate air-conditioning and stop worrying about global warming. Our beach getaway is madly relaxing but not without a touch of bittersweet. Through Helen’s mind runs the thought of Cory. He was supposed to be here, not me. That was before it all happened. The other girl. Sexting. The split.

st simons3 This house is made perfectly to fit two. The bed for two, two mugs on hooks, two place settings, two towels serenely folded by the bathroom, with two mints even, placed on top. We are still two, Helen and I, but we are not romantic. It’s different. After a couple of hours on the beach, our brown and sandy bodies loll on the couch as we talk about the beauty of our first bike ride on the island. The draping Spanish moss, ferns of every variety, the abundance of red hibiscus. The beach too, of course, always the beach.

st simons2heronst simons house2

Here we are again, day two, on the beach. In between multiple applications of sunscreen, swimming, and moving our chairs back from the on-coming waves, we manage to nap, and sun, and talk. We always manage to talk. We talk of many things. Many things that we have talked of over the years. We talk of our search for the illusive and perfect career. We talk craft, sewing, knitting, and a touch of crochet too. We talk about books we are reading and books we are not reading. We talk about my child (we always talk about my child), and about her cats (we always talk about her cats). We talk about the weather. Hot and humid with a touch of southern coastal breeze, just as it should be in August. Tomorrow will be showers that are brief but still get us wet. Tonight, a dinner of seafood is called for. “We will only eat seafood while we are here”, we decide as plates of blackened grouper and grilled shrimp slide under our hungry noses. We end up succeeding in this impulsive, decisive decision, ending our trip with a giant plate of crab legs.

I have forgotten how much work crab legs are, but they are quite tasty.


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