SPESE 2013, Mad Hatters to Pixel Pushers

23 Oct

This past weekend was the Society of Photographic Education Southeast Regional Conference. That’s a mouthful for a geek, and over the weekend, that geek was me.

I had a good time, saw some great work, and got inspired. The conference was downtown uptown, at The Light Factory and at University of North Carolina’s City Center. I was bus-ing it, and I had my backpack on. So, let’s see, sitting in lecture halls all day with my backpack on, learning more than my brain cells can ever hope to handle… yup. Flashback to college, y’all. But in the best ways.

The creative title for the conference was “Mad Hatters to Pixel Pushers”, the theme being old, alternative processes of photography, such as wet plate collodion printing, and what they mean in this digital day and age. Dan Estabrook was the keynote speaker, and I found out that his work is quite beautiful, and that he is quite witty. He gave an amusing, and thought provoking lecture on the photograph as physical being, with metaphysical musings on how they are perceived by us, in the past, present, and future. Stuff like that.


Dan Estabrook, “Message In A Bottle”, 2006, watercolor and salt on a gouache print

Other artists I was happy to be listen to where: David Emitt Adams, S. Gayle Stevens, Eliot Dudik, Carolyn DeMeritt, and Linda Foard Roberts. You should check ’em.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 8.14.42 PM

Carolyn DeMerrit, from “Broken Doll / Male Figure” series, 2003, GSP

During the weekend, I managed to get my grubby paws on Aperture magazine, Summer 2013 edition, and read about Robert Cumming, and now I wish I had been in NYC for that talk. Robert Cumming rocks the house my friends. Read all about him ASAP. In other news, I took a Chromoskedasic Sabatier workshop with Angela Wells from ECU, and made a copper-y looking photogram of a leaf. I liked it all right, enough to want to make some more one day. Before it all began, I had offered to volunteer but wasn’t really needed until, last minute, I was asked to moderate a panel discussion on “Community Darkrooms: Their Revival and Significance in the Digital Age”. The nice part about being asked to moderate, was that it gave me an easy way to meet some cool people. I already knew some of the folks, but then met some more, like the people at The Asheville Darkroom. The Asheville Darkroom has a COLOR processor, y’all. That’s hot! And their super affordable to join! Now I just got to convince my husband to watch Sue and Mike for a… month… so I can go print……. for… a month…

Okay, that may not happen anytime soon, but here is the part where I mention just how fucking awesome my husband is, and how he is the best person in Charlotte, for watching everyone… for…… two days! That’s a long time! He was on it!


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