Wasteland, the film

13 Jan

“Wasteland”, by Lucy Walker, is a film about the artist Vic Muniz.Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 5.22.22 PMIf you don’t know Muniz, you should. His artwork is magical and whimsical in the most beautiful way. I have always loved his work, and was happy to see the portraits that are featured in this film, at The Mint, here in Charlotte. I didn’t know he was also a humanitarian until I saw this feature. I do love a good artist who also happens to care about people. That Muniz could also contribute something so great (a large sum of money) back to those whom he photographed is awesome; not everyone can do that. I am so glad that there are people who realize how incredible Vic Muniz’s work is, and are willing to spend a lot of dollars on it.

This film shows the making of the portraits, from selecting the subjects, to photographing them, to the real work of art, re-creating the image, with trash. These images are huge, they take up a whole warehouse floor, Muniz must climb up some really tall scaffolding to view, direct, and photograph the works. The process is quite something to watch. waste-land-2

I found this film fascinating, as I spend more time than I would like to admit thinking about the refuse of daily life, it’s hard not to when we live in a consumerism culture. Something has to happen to those things when they are not wanted anymore and so, because we live in a consumerism culture, we also live in a wasteful culture. What happens to all that waste? Well if you’re lucky, like five people in Brazil were, it becomes a work of art, and then changes your life forever.



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