Black history is American history. African-American Studies at Henry Clay High School in KY

17 Mar

I’m proud of my big brother. He’s doing important work as a teacher.

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” “I want them involved,” McClintock explained. “I want them doing something with this history they’re learning.”

Throughout February, his students researched interesting factoids to post on the school’s marquee every other day. On the reverse, they left up this message: Black history is American history. The overarching question they debated was whether Black History Month is still necessary.

“I think we should keep it because it’s valuable for the African Americans who were here,” said senior Dayshona Raglin. “And it’s history – our actual history. Sometimes U.S. History doesn’t cover African Americans as a whole.”

Classmate George Cummins agreed, adding, “It’s needed as a reminder of where we came from and the people who’ve been successful.”

The African-American Studies class enables students to delve even deeper during the year-long course. McClintock presents material chronologically starting in Africa and continuing through the late 2000s. His students just finished Reconstruction and are headed into the Jim Crow era.

“It’s a class that’s pretty serious – it’s not a lot of fun. To some students, it’s depressing material,” McClintock acknowledged. “There are rays of hope, but it’s harder to see the farther back you go.”

The museum field trip was a mid-year reward for hanging in there and a chance to focus locally.”


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