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Tucson 2014!

1 May

Sue and I visited Tucson in April. We had to pack the summer clothes as it was a predictable 90+ degrees. I met a lot of new people, most notably, my almost-one year old niece Lydia. She’s a tiny little mover and climber, and has the sweetest head of hair. It was wonderful to catch up with Sam, and to see him being an excellent Daddy. We got to hang out with Joe a lot more this year; he was sick last time we were there. His nurse Renee got along great with Sue, and kindly presented her with some Hello Kitty spoils. Sue loves some Hello Kitty. Sue and Joe also planted some tomatoes and cactus with Joe’s teacher. I don’t know how tomato plants live in the Sonoran desert, but I guess they do. My aunt and two uncles came up for the weekend, and we celebrated three family birthdays that weekend: Craig, Sam, and Lydia’s. We also got to view the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base air show which only happens every couple of years, and may be gone soon, if Davis-Monthan closes. Jocelyn finally met Sue, and I met new baby Alfredo. Jocelyn and I hadn’t seen each other since 2011. We both met at her doorway holding our little ones. It was poignant moment. And hot too. In between all the family visiting, I managed to shop 4th Ave with Daniel, view the new downtown Tucson with David, drink beers with Trip at Tap & Bottle, brunch and visit with the Paradises, play with Julie, and meet her little girl Mira, and last but not least, hang out with Melissa, Joel, Prescott, and Melissa’s mom. We drank lots of Xoom Juices, shopped at Bookman’s, and Buffalo Exchange, ate some shrimp de ceviche at Pico de Gallo’s, and bought some raw sonoran honey… I think I covered everything on my list. DSC_7829 DSC_7682 DSC_7678 DSC_7759 DSC_7858 DSC_7788

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