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“Western psychology is about as culturally neutral as Coca Cola.”

24 Feb

“The corps cadavre is the physical body; the ti-bon anj or ‘little good angel’ loosely represents what we would consider as agency, awareness and memory; while the gwo bon anj or the ‘big good angel’ is the animating principle that manages motivation and movement” Mind Hacks

image by Molly Wilbanks


nap ideation

2 Feb

But then

12 Jan

“But then our babies came along, and yes, they changed everything. They changed the way we spend our time, of course. We saw that one coming. But the sheer pressure of their presence did something we didn’t expect; it challenged and, in important ways, debunked the premise of our story. As with everyone who procreates, we discovered that who and what you are prior to parenthood by no means guarantees what kind of father or mother you’ll be. In a way , fathers and mothers are like soldiers: No matter how well prepared, there’s no telling whether they’re fighters or fleers until the bullets start flying.”

Andrew Corsello in the essay “Debunking the Myth of the Angel and The Goon”

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