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6 Oct

Homemade (vegan) Key Lime Pie Ice Cream!

img_2795 2016-09-17-14-42-02

Jack in the grass!

Homemade (vegan) Cherry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream!

2016-09-25-13-45-48 2016-09-21-15-11-47

P I E S !

Street Photography and Barthes…

2016-09-18-15-21-33 2016-09-30-18-36-08

Homemade pizza & crust (not vegan) = VERY YUM


When it’s past my bedtime and I’m still awake

29 Jul

It’s past my bedtime, but I’m still awake. Both kids are in bed, and… asleep. I have a baby who is still waking up several times at night, and I’ve been good. I’ve been so good these past 6 months, of going to bed when he goes to bed. Or at least, shortly after he goes to bed. Lately though, I have been staying awake later.

I’ve been doing things like reading. Talking to my husband. Writing. And yes, Facebook-ing. You see, daytimes are fully scheduled events, fully busy, and fully full of kids. I have 2 babysitting charges that come each day, plus my daughter, and then the baby. I’m staying up later at night because I want to feel like an autonomous adult again, if just for a short time. I want to have a few moments TO MYSELF.

If you have kids, then I am preaching to the choir. You know exactly what I am talking about. I am sure you do it too, and stay up too late after the kids are asleep, and just to feel normal again, somehow. It’s funny how that works. Or is it?


Happy 4th of July

6 Jul

Here we are and it’s 2016! Happy 4th of July, or as an old restaurateur friend used to say, “Happy Hot dog Day”. I will say, I did NOT eat a hot dog on Monday. I ate some ‘cue though, and slaw, some lima bean tomato salad, a cheesy rice casserole dish, some lime cookies, some blueberry pie… okay, I may have eaten too much. We were in Fayetteville visiting Ross’ family. All nine aunts and three brothers were there, with many children, grand-children, cousins, etc., etc. Sue had a great time. The kids were running around like wild little beings, sneaking lots of candy out of the candy jar… as Sue told me later, “I snuck the most candy”. I love it when children innocently tell you about the things that they are sneaking.



Black history is American history. African-American Studies at Henry Clay High School in KY

17 Mar

I’m proud of my big brother. He’s doing important work as a teacher.

Read the article here:

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 6.11.44 PM

” “I want them involved,” McClintock explained. “I want them doing something with this history they’re learning.”

Throughout February, his students researched interesting factoids to post on the school’s marquee every other day. On the reverse, they left up this message: Black history is American history. The overarching question they debated was whether Black History Month is still necessary.

“I think we should keep it because it’s valuable for the African Americans who were here,” said senior Dayshona Raglin. “And it’s history – our actual history. Sometimes U.S. History doesn’t cover African Americans as a whole.”

Classmate George Cummins agreed, adding, “It’s needed as a reminder of where we came from and the people who’ve been successful.”

The African-American Studies class enables students to delve even deeper during the year-long course. McClintock presents material chronologically starting in Africa and continuing through the late 2000s. His students just finished Reconstruction and are headed into the Jim Crow era.

“It’s a class that’s pretty serious – it’s not a lot of fun. To some students, it’s depressing material,” McClintock acknowledged. “There are rays of hope, but it’s harder to see the farther back you go.”

The museum field trip was a mid-year reward for hanging in there and a chance to focus locally.”

Things I have made this year

12 Dec

A last minute decision, I was able to sew this bag up for Kate and her new baby, just before the shower. I now have a decent stash, so I can make cool bags last minute without having to go buy material. This one had two open pockets inside. I love pockets. I was tempted to keep it myself.

IMG_2694 IMG_2695Speaking of bags, I have spent the last year (from August 2012-August 2013) making birthday bags for the family. I’ve finally made the rounds (with one last person this Saturday), so I can share pics now. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Now I know how to make a bag, that’s for sure. Oh, and the cards too. I made the cards.Birthday Bags

Did you know you can make your own ketchup? Well, you can. It’s mostly easy. This is a fermented version, so you’re slowly cooking it on the counter, over the course of 3-5 days, instead of cooking it on the stove. Then you get tasty probiotics, instead of Heinz’s corn syrup. My toddler loves it, on everything. IMG_2434IMG_2438I also cooked some pumpkin y’all. I think this was the last batch I did. I collect them for a while, and then chop ’em up all at once. I think I did two big batches this year, maybe 11 pumpkins in all. I now understand why people buy puree in a can. EASY. Our pumpkin pie tasted awesome though, and so did the soup. I’ll be making a double batch of soup this weekend, for a potluck. YUM. IMG_2708 Sue, Ross, and I made this little family book, over the course of many months. There is velcro on the back, so Sue can move the people around… it’s not quite as popular as I had hoped. I envisioned a big felt board with different backgrounds, to place laminated family pictures in, play stories with family members, move them around, etc., but this is what evolved instead. It was fun to color in the book. I want to make a similar project in the future. IMG_2315 IMG_2316There are other things I have made this year, but I have not taken pictures of everything. You know how it is.

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