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6 Oct

Homemade (vegan) Key Lime Pie Ice Cream!

img_2795 2016-09-17-14-42-02

Jack in the grass!

Homemade (vegan) Cherry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream!

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P I E S !

Street Photography and Barthes…

2016-09-18-15-21-33 2016-09-30-18-36-08

Homemade pizza & crust (not vegan) = VERY YUM


Charlotte – All Lives Matter when Black Lives Matter

27 Sep

Monday, September 26th, 2016- Protesting in uptown Charlotte




We went to the Charlotte City Council meeting but didn’t stay too long. Heading over to Little Rock AME Zion Church on 7th, we started the march from there, with members of NAACP leading the way. We marched for a few blocks until the policemen started blocking the road. My friend and I peeled off then as we were not prepared to be arrested.

Modern Love

25 Jul

Ross and I had a moment to talk together last night without a five year old loudly interrupting. It was past my bedtime, but it felt so good to be talking to him without children running about or needing anything, so I stayed up. He was looking at some random link about David Bowie’s art collection. He wasn’t too impressed, and mentioned something about a bunch of “modern” stuff. I then made the necessary joke asking “anything titled, ‘Modern Love?'” and he sort of laughed and said “No”. Next thing I know, he’s pulling up this old clip:


Does it remind you of this?

Is this “Frances Ha” montage a reference or a homage to Carax? A lazy attempt at a homage? A rip-off? Appropriation?

We discussed these things. I do love watching the “Mauvais Sang” montage a lot more than the short “Frances Ha” one. Denis Lavant is alluring and weird, and so wild. And he’s really doing all that running and cavorting; there’s only one cut in there. That’s about how deep my film analysis goes. Ross had more interesting thoughts on the matter.

Black history is American history. African-American Studies at Henry Clay High School in KY

17 Mar

I’m proud of my big brother. He’s doing important work as a teacher.

Read the article here:

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 6.11.44 PM

” “I want them involved,” McClintock explained. “I want them doing something with this history they’re learning.”

Throughout February, his students researched interesting factoids to post on the school’s marquee every other day. On the reverse, they left up this message: Black history is American history. The overarching question they debated was whether Black History Month is still necessary.

“I think we should keep it because it’s valuable for the African Americans who were here,” said senior Dayshona Raglin. “And it’s history – our actual history. Sometimes U.S. History doesn’t cover African Americans as a whole.”

Classmate George Cummins agreed, adding, “It’s needed as a reminder of where we came from and the people who’ve been successful.”

The African-American Studies class enables students to delve even deeper during the year-long course. McClintock presents material chronologically starting in Africa and continuing through the late 2000s. His students just finished Reconstruction and are headed into the Jim Crow era.

“It’s a class that’s pretty serious – it’s not a lot of fun. To some students, it’s depressing material,” McClintock acknowledged. “There are rays of hope, but it’s harder to see the farther back you go.”

The museum field trip was a mid-year reward for hanging in there and a chance to focus locally.”

Beginning Bookmaking at Carolina Learning Connection– Register Now!

29 Jan


Do you journal or make lists? Looking for handmade gifts to give? Ever want to start your own hand-bound ‘zine? Learn the basics of bookmaking with an artful approach. This class will teach proper bookmaking techniques such as paper folding, basic bindings, and variations for covers. This class will provide time for you to make several hand-bound journals. A small supply list will be provided upon registration, so that you may have supplies to continue bookmaking after this class is over. A number of hand-outs will be provided covering topics such as,  instructions covered in class, an online and local resource guide, inspiration, and bookmaking titles to check out.

Taught by Molly Wilbanks at Carolina Learning Connection (click here to register).

Cost: $34

Location: 2311 S. Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28203 : CLC Room 1

Date: Monday February 3rd, 6:30-9:30pm


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