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20 Nov

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image by Jenny Hanson


The Wild Feathers Interview

23 Aug

Several months ago, I got the random chance to interview the band, The Wild Feathers. It was somewhat last minute. After a few tests, I recorded the phone convo on my shitty old tech voice recorder, while crossing my fingers the whole time that it wouldn’t mess up too bad. Then I put some TV on for my two year old and prayed she wouldn’t be noisy. It worked, barely. I got paid. Then I thought to myself, it’s about time I get paid for writing, and then I got motivated to write more. I kind of wish I could have interviewed the boys in person, they’re so cute.

wild feathers_0

Practice Sessions

12 Aug

I have been photographing some Charlotte musicians. zach2My skills are rusty, but they will improve.

casey2dustin_2These are all digital scans, but I have been in the darkroom making gelatin silver prints. They’re looking good so far considering I have no timer, no easel, and some old, old paper.

It’s a great feeling to be printing again.angela1

andy1moenda_3I have photographed Moenda, Great Architect, Blossoms, and Angela Saylor as minthill. I have more bands to photograph, and more prints to come.



4 Aug

Yes, that’s right. I said Erasure. I found myself sitting in my getting-hot car today because, A Little Respect had just come on the radio. I had to finish the song. Is this a guilty pleasure? I don’t even know. I also found myself immediately texting my younger brother about what was happening. He understands.  He was shamelessly singing along to Erasure before he was 10, for “there will be no shame”. Until we mock him, of course.  My older brother understands too, but he doesn’t text. That’s the only reason he didn’t get Molly’s minutiae text of the day.

Moenda pictures

2 Aug

Sue and I caught Moenda’s show at Dialect on Sunday. It was a great show, I wish I could go to them all and be a groupie, but I don’t go to them all, and maybe it’s better that way. The little girl in the bookend shots is our friend and cool-clothing supplier, Violetta. Sue was glued to my arms so I wasn’t able to get her in any shots, although I did try. This is the second show Sue has seen of her daddy’s band, both earplug worthy, but I forgot them this time and shoved some tissue paper in her ears instead, bad mom.

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