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Art in our bedroom

22 Jun

Here is the art we have in our bedroom:IMG_2286The top image is by Rachelle Diaz, the bottom by Julie Ray. Both were gifted to me. I am so happy to have them both.

IMG_2291My sister-in-law drew the animals on the left, and my 2-year old did the image on the right. These fabrics sit above my sewing table and one day they are supposed to turn into pillows.

IMG_2298 My friend Roberta Gentry did this piece, and gave it to me at our Vow Ceremony. Bobbi has always been one of my favorite artists, she is so talented.

IMG_2301 IMG_2303These are some pretty reproductions of paintings that my husband had in his room when we met. He bought them for a film he made, and they have stayed with us. That is my dad there…

IMG_2288A photo of a photo montage of the Brooklyn Bridge, by me.

IMG_2290This is a collage by Jaxun Doten. He made it during one of our ‘zine making nights, and then I nabbed it because I love it. Jaxun makes brilliant collages.

IMG_2292I bought this piece when I worked at Dinnerware, after an auction. It’s by Sarah Hardesty who is one of my favorite artists, and also one of my favorite people. She was my best friend when I was in New York. Every time I wonder over to her website, I see new awesome work. I love to watch the evolution of her works. You should definitely check out her website. This piece that I own by her is older, and the photo doesn’t do it justice. It sits above my sewing area, which is apropos as it is a mixed media piece made of different fabrics.

IMG_2295When I draw, this is what it looks like.

IMG_2300On Ross’ side, a drawing by his grandfather, and one by his daughter.

IMG_2305I love this old thrift store find. It finally found a resting place beneath my lamp, right next to my bed.

I feel lucky to be surrounded by artworks made by so many good artists who also happen to be my friends. One day I will put up a gallery, and hang all the artworks I own, made by all my friends.

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