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Ross’ Super Birthday Party

27 Aug

Well I threw Ross a birthday bash and it was a lot of fun, I Love Parties! It’s been too long. There is glitter all over the floor now, Sue helped decorate with the glitter, and leftover beer taking up valuable space in our new (smaller) fridge. Normally the beer would be gone by now, but Ross is not a big beer drinker and I’m going off gluten for the moment, again. I did however eat gluten when I ate the birthday cake I made for Ross, a Zebra Icebox cake. Of course I did not manage to take a picture of it, but there’s enough pictures of cakes on the Internet, it it didn’t look real pretty anyway, so I think it will okay. It did taste Great however, like cookies&cream icecream, YUM. Ross was feeling shitty and we almost canceled the party but thankfully we decided to have it anyway, and it made him feel better. I was decorating either way. I also made him this awesome card and still haven’t really given it to him… hmmmm….

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