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Spurs & Freaks

4 Aug

We just watched “Freaks”, it’s only an hour long and was banned back in the day because they show real “freaks”. There are dwarves, and people with very small heads (pinheads), a man with no legs, a man who no arms or legs, several women with no arms, etc. The main character Hans is supposed to be a midget, but I swear he is played by a child; IMDB tells me he is a midget. His fiancee in the film is his sister in real life, which is why they look so alike. The short story it is based on is called “Spurs” by Tod Robbins which I read several months ago. The ending in the movie is quite different, it’s less diabolical, but the scene in the film (not in the book) in which all the freaks decide to make Cleopatra ‘one of them’ is deliciously creepy.



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