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Frances Ha, the movie

13 Jun

“Frances Ha” is a fun film y’all.


The husband and I saw this movie tonight, written by Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig and starring Greta Gerwig. There’s been a string of films we’ve seen lately that have not been my favorites such as, “Cosmopolis”, “The Master”, and “Anna Karenina”, but I have to say that this was a good one. Frances is in her late twenties and looking for some self-definition. Gerwig plays her character with a healthy lack of irony. She’s kinda dorky but we love her nonetheless.

While this is a modern film about modern life in NYC, we are watching the film in black and white which automatically gives it a vintage feel.  The look of this black and white is not a rich one either, but a thin dilution which I quite enjoyed. I am not sure if it was the projection, or the way it was filmed, but it looked great. This film captures the spirit of being young in New York City without focusing too much on the particulars of being a New Yorker. You can enjoy this film even if you don’t know about life in the Big Apple. I find this nice, because so many films based in NYC seem to be insular to living there and knowing about what that’s like.

There are many George Delerue musical pieces through out the film which give it a lovely, light-hearted  feel. My husband tells me that these musical compositions, along with some of the shots that accompany them, are a nod to Truffaut’s  “Jules et Jim”. Delerue composed music for many French new wave films and these compositions are a great addition to this modern film.

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