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Making lists

30 May

There seem to be two types of people in the world.

Type 1 are those who make lists, and Type 2 are those who most certainly do not make lists. I became a Type 1 list person in college. Well, I probably became one in high school, but I remember it mostly in college. I remember searching for the perfect daily planner, spending time making my list of way-to-many-things-to-do, and then, of course, putting a single satisfactory line through each item on the list that I “did”. So then I graduated college and quit working at a non-profit and my list making got more sane. Then I got a laptop and moved to New York and my list making became virtual and much smaller. My life was beautifully pared down in New York. I had my days filled with basic things that didn’t need list making, such as: find a job, work, ride bike, drink beer, make friends, ride subway, drink beer, read a book, work, ride bike, drink beer, etc., etc.

Here is one of my favorite lists of all time:

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 9.22.24 PM

Then one day, I remember meeting Ross and looking at his daily calendar. He said, if he can’t fit what he has to do within the box on his calendar then he’s trying to do to much in one day….. . . Whaaa…? Whoa.. What a novel idea. I never… never… I thought you were just supposed to write smaller to fit it all in.

So then I married this novel Ross. My concept of time changed, life in Charlotte was way different. No lists for a long time. I did things, but I didn’t have a need for lists. It was nice. Pleasant even. But I do like making a list, you know. Here’s what a list of mine looks like these days:

  • steep herbs
  • kefir
  • research: kombucha
  • find babysitter
  • email Kate/Cristie/Bo
  • put lawnmower in car
  • Dentist

These days, I make my list at work when I am standing at my cash register, waiting for customers to come over. Nookie laughs at me, because I’m always making a list. But sometimes I get overwhelmed with list-making because I don’t get it all done. So today I made a wish-list, for sewing. Projects that I want to do, but a wish-list is not for keeping because some of those items won’t get crossed off for years. That’s okay though. My wish-list for sewing looked like this:

  • bathmat
  • slippers-Molly
  • Sue pants
  • Sue dress
  • Molly dress
  • food bags
  • undies!

That list could be way longer but I’m trying to be realistic here.

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