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My Garden

11 May

ImageWell, here’s my first ever garden y’all.  Last year I had some tomato plants, and over the fall I planted some kale and collards, but I am officially stating that this is my first ever garden. WOO! Born and bred desert rat has learned how to plant food, finally. I’ve been really excited about planting this spring actually. It’s been almost aggravating because every time I leave my house, I see a new “plant sale”, and I have to remind myself that we are only renting right now, and that there’s always next season.

I started out pretty small, because I’m only planting in pots. I hope to have some raised beds for the fall. For now I have about 9 tomato plants, 9 pickling cucumber bushes, 3 red bell pepper plants, and then all my herbs. Oregano, basil, sage, bee balm, lemon balm, parsley, and then the chives, savory, and thyme that Lisa and Sam gifted us for Christmas. Most delicious. I have a lavender plant patiently waiting for a bigger pot. I also have some sunflowers sprouting up; Sue got them for Easter.

We’ll see how the harvest turns out. I think my tomatoes would be happier with bigger pots and more soil, but this is all I have for now. I’ll try and pickle my cucumbers, and we’ve been eating our herbs already. YUM y’all. YUM.

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