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Terrible two’s

17 Nov

Sue is almost in her “terrible two’s”, yes that’s right, I said it, “Terrible Two’s!” It’s just too hard to fight pop culture and if ever there was a popular phrase well, it’s that one. She’s terribly awful, terrible amazing, terribly active, and of course, terribly cute. Terribly awful is really an exaggeration, but the other three are not.

She is currently sitting in Mike’s room, in front of his TV, watching her “Madeline and the Bad Hat” VHS. Pepit0, the Bad Hat, is Sue’s first boyfriend. She is OBSESSED with Pepito. Her other obsessions include pictures of her cousins “Baye” and Cormic, looking at pictures on the digi camera, any dogs in the vicinity, Elmo, “Dooby Dog” (Goofy Dog), Minnie Mouse, “Dabby”, (Gabby, from her daycare), “TOOT” (Scoot the dog), any type of food especially if it’s “mane-o”, “noga”, “tarrot chooz”, “brottli”, and most recently “topu” (to the un-initiated that would be “mango”, “yogurt”, “carrot juice”, “broccoli”, and “tofu”), and “Dabba Dabba”; I’ll let you figure that one out on your own, here’s a hint. I try not to let her watch more than 2 hours of TV a week, but you know how that goes. I have tried to get her into the old skool Dooby Dog cartoons, but she doesn’t seem to like them as much as the new ones, which are fairly obnoxious. Out of all the shows she watches (Madeline, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sesame Street, and “Dabba Dabba”) I like Sesame Street best, of course, but I need to buy some new ones because she’s watched the same one way too many times now (“We all live in the Capital I…”).

new Dooby vs. old Dooby

What is terribly amazing the most about this child right now is how much she is speaking, and how many new words she retains! Her newest accomplishment is: counting, Woo-ooo! So much fun. She doesn’t have the concept down completely yet, but she can usually count (memorization wise) up to ten, and in terms of actually counting, up to about 3-5. She remembers names and faces really well. We just recently visited my brother and his family in KY for a few hours, and she often talks about all of them now, “Uhn Jon”, “Jek-ka”, “Baye”, and Cormac. They are in her rotation of names now. Our friend Richard has been at the house a lot lately and so we’ve got “Ri-ard” in the mix too. Recently she got obsessed with saying “Daddy Max” too. That one doesn’t really need quotations though, cause she says it pretty well.

In regards to terribly active, she likes the playground these days, but mostly just walking around it. She gets excited about the ” ‘lide” and ” ‘wing” but doesn’t actually go on them much, she hates the swing actually. She also likes to walk home from daycare which is a block from our house, but she likes to walk in the middle of the street at some point, and our walks home always seem to have a lot of tears involved.. HMMM…. Most days she’ll have a spout of time when she plays alone which is greatly facilitated by putting on her kiddy music. We just got her a kitchen which is awesome. Buying kiddy toys and books is totally awesome by the way. It took me some time to realize this I have no idea why.

I was going to write a whole bunch more stuff, but you know, it’s a lot of work raising a child, I’m tired, it’s late, it’s Friday, so that’s all for now.

Oh, and terribly cute, if we ever have another child, which is a rare probability, there will be not 1/2 as many pictures, and the child will know we do not love him or her as much, because if first-time parents ever took TOO MANY pictures of their first-born, it would us. There are so many pictures of Sue I don’t know what to do about it, it’s disturbing really. Here’s one of them.

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