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6 Feb

My current status in life is Busy with Enough Time to Breathe. So what am I up to these days?

I’m a cashier at a food court which is what I consider my “working at Wal-Mart phase”, you know, a doing-it-for-the-fam job. I mean, I’m not supporting my family on it, like my dad was with ye olde Wal-Mart, so I can’t be too self-sacrificial about it, but I do pay all my own school loans with it, as well as managing to pay off all my hospital bills, and I get up at Five A.M., every morning Monday through Friday, so uh, that counts for something doesn’t it? Oh, and the best part is I get this thing called a Paycheck every two weeks, in which they give you a little  bit of peanuts and dirt for all the work you do! It’s awesome! No but really, it’s a consistent job and I get out of the house everyday for five hours… and then I joined the gym at my work and so I get to brag about going to the gym now.

Other than work and the gym, I’ve challenged myself to write every day in February. So far so good, and no, the blog does not count, but as you (may) know, writing is a train and once you get going it’s hard to stop. This is a good thing. I talked it through with Ross and the idea is for me to write for roughly 2 hours after I get off work. We’ll see how that goes as it hasn’t happened yet, but night times are an option too, although not so preferable. Whatever. In somewhat related news, my Mac just broke, like, permanently, and while it means I am beginning to miss my portable Hulu, my iPhoto, and Photoshop, it also means I am not fucking around on Facebook and Fugly is the New Ugly quite as much, so like, I can now think a thought for like, longer than the five seconds it takes me to scan status updates and LIKE things. Yes, that’s right. I can remember how to transform thoughts into words. Onto paper. With a P E N. Anachronism to the Capital A.

Regarding media I am reading several books at the moment, foremost among them is “Henry Miller: The Paris Years” by Brassai, how cool is that? I didn’t know Brassai wrote a book but then again there’s probably a lot of things I don’t know about my favorite photographers. I am also reading Vestoj, “On Fashion and Shame” which is part of a trio of fashion zines my awesome husband got me for my birthday. Let me tell you guys, this zine is good stuff. Since when have I read about fashion academically? Never! I am astounded by this journal, I have to be honest. I haven’t had enough of an opinion on flash fiction to read it before, this journal is changing my mind on that genre. And it’s got this one story in which you have to physically separate the pages in order to read them, how frickin’ cool is that?! It makes me happy, I must say.   It’s produced in Paris, so apparently I’ve got a Paris theme going on. I must now begin my copy of “Hermit in Paris: Autobiographical Writings” by Italo Calvino to complete the theme.

Regarding that mystery friend and foe called “Art” I am doing some stuff… I swear… no really though, I’ve got access to a darkroom these days which is like a soothing scent of honeysuckle on a sweaty summer day.  It is absolutely the most primitive darkroom I have ever worked in, but it is also most gloriously dark and chock full of caustic chemical compounds, which is all of what a darkroom should be. I finally just ordered some fiber paper so I can do some real prints because we all know how much RC paper sucks. Also,  I am about 3/4 of the way done at saving up for a spanking new and nice digital camera. My goal is to start freelancing once I get the camera (and a computer with Photoshop too I guess), and as I’ve already got one wedding under my belt and another coming up in October, I feel good about it. It’s about time, y’all.

In other art related news, the lovely Jessica Era (Martin) Prescott of Plume Zine, and I are working on a children’s book. WOOT. It’s gonna be a while, mainly because I don’t know how to illustrate, but I have some watercolors and paper, and there it is. We’re doing it. It is being done. It will be finished. One day.

Last but not least, in the world of Mom, things are swimming along just great. We just celebrated the big Two Years Old with muffcakes (that’s muffin cupcakes), a slide, a rockin’ party and homemade birthday outfit, and lots of presents. Lots of presents, y’all. It was fun. Sue continues to amaze us with her vocabulary and rotundness, and we are lucky to be her mom and dad. Her week is filled up nice and good with activities. Monday through Tuesday is spent at the grandparents in Cornelius. Wednesday is story time at the library. Thursday and Friday are her play days at daycare, and Saturday and Sunday we do whatever strikes our fancy, which is often just as simple as playing at the park or the playroom across the street. She’s still really into reading her books, or that is, having them read to her, some her favorites being “Olivia“, “If You Give A Pig A Pancake” and the tiny little Richard Scarry books she just got.

Okay, I’ll leave you with this image, and say goodnight now.  Goodnight.

suebday 018

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