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You are not I

7 Aug

We watched “You are not I” by Sara Driver last night. Ross was excited to get the DVD box set because he hasn’t seen “You Are Not I” yet, and it’s a highly regarded film. It’s about 50 minutes which means it doesn’t fit as a short film, or a feature length, but it fits perfectly into our lazy Monday night. We watch a lot of movies at night, and half the time we have to stop it halfway because someone is too tired to finish (usually me). This film was enjoyable, black and white, with a mystical, eerie soundtrack. An interesting tidbit, Nan Goldin was one of the dead car crash victims. It’s fun to recognize names in the credits. Ross wondered if the crash scene was a found scene or created just for the film, and that question is answered in this article I found. I just realized how the title kind of contradicts the “twist” that happens in the story which I find interesting to think about.

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